Short and Stumpy, Fit and Small.

I have the most amazing idea, it’s so amazing I have no clue why I would share it to the world.  It’s been done many times over  but not the way I want it done.  For all of those girls that have shorter legs than most or ‘stumpier’ legs or more fit than there average girl counterpart I want to have an exclusive stylish brand for you.  I want to make jeans, pants, bodysuits and tops that are fashionable and on trend.

It’s Worth The Extra Money For Quality Clothes

Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlie etc.

Pros:  These stores are, most of the time, on trend.

Cons:  The clothes fall apart within hours.

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping at Forever and other discount fashion forward stores if I need that one piece that will complete an outfit, but I hate it at the same time.  Mostly becuasue of the quality of their garments.  So recently I have been ‘investing’ in my wardrobe.  I only buy items that are, “Pieces”, not clothes.  I mean, they are clothes in the simplest definition, but they are investments and pieces that I will keep in my wardrobe for many seasons.  So instead of spending $50-$75 at Forever 21, put that money aside to buy one top from Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom or any other high end store.  The payout will be worth it, promise!   “It’s worth the extra money for quality clothes.” So instead of your clothes ripping as you’re walking to lunch with your colleague, you will feel safe and secure in your quality garments.



Things To Keep My Day Pretty.

Here’s some pretty to keep out all my ugly today.  I bought a new quilt and all I wanted to do was bask in it’s glory today.  Oh, and I am insanely obsessed with the fashion of being shapeless.  I love looking like a homeless box-shaped lady.  Black Zara leggings and an over-sized skull shirt from H&M was my weekend in a nutshell.  Brown combat boots, yes those were here too.



large (1)


large (2)


large (3)


large (4)


large (5)


large (6)





Every Time You Smoke..

Here’s some nonsense I thought of after leaving the gas station and not purchasing cigarettes for the 5th day! Yippee Skippie!

So, instead of the boring and heartfelt no-smoking commercials we have today, they should just post some ridiculous one liners to deter people.  Here’s a few of mine, feel free to comment some of yours..

  • “Don’t smoke tonight if you want to find a boyfriend.”
  • “Every time you smoke your vagina gets looser.”
  • “Every time you smoke your penis gets smaller.”
  • “Each cigarette you smoke kills a fairy.”
  • “When you smoke you are more susceptible to gang violence.”
  • “When you smoke you are more susceptible to demon encounters.”
  • “Every time you smoke Nikki Minaj farts.”
  • “Spiders love cigarette smokers.”

Lets try out some of these on big tobacco, and happy breathing!